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hello, i'm marley and i'm a chronic quitter- but i'll try my best to meet your graphics / html / writing needs.

check my what i do page before sending in a request- thank you.

xandra 是我的最爱 i track harryassists aim - harryffs

actually susan mcswaney

"Hey there! We're a new 9x9 skeleton roleplay based around a group of childhood friends renting a house in California for the summer to stop their group from falling apart and we would really appreciate a shout out. We currently have 14 roles open and some popular fcs available! Thank you so much :)",

"When will you be accepting theme makeovers??",

said Anonymous.

with my real life schedule being super weird and loopy, that’s indefinite. sorry! i’m still here to help with stuff and answer questions, though. :-(

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"for theme 5 v 2, when i set it up the links dont hover and change colours like the normal theme does!!",

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:-0 that’s weird.. have you made sure you’ve inputted all the colors for the theme and that you’ve set all the links up yet?

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"Hi there! We are a brand new appless RP that recently revamped and restarted. We would love an opinion or a review if you get a chance, thank you!",

graphics-wise: the graphics really are pretty, and so is the page itself! the only thing i’d recommend is for you to change the font/<code> size because it’s a little hard to read the posts and stuff.

content-wise: ooh, i’m loving the plot. i’ve never seen anything done like this (ie. a foster home), so cool. i love how organized the page is, even for an appless rp; especially how you’ve split the around page into multiple pages. the help section is also immensely helpful. overall, i actually love this a lot what?? the admins seem super cute too, so good luck with this!

"hopefully for your theme preview you dont use your old graphics or graphics w/o a watermark, applause might take them agaiN",

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It wasn’t even a theme that I released that they stole, it was unreleased and they used the graphics I’d made for myself. They’ve stolen from Marley now too, so I hope they get what’s coming to them. PSA applauserpg is a bunch of thieves, if you didn’t already know.


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alloveragainrp is my role-play. There, it’s been known to the whole RPH community that that is my RPG. However, I never, in a million years, would have expected to receive such a harsh and rude and disrespectful message, anonymously for that matter, ever

I understand that a lot of people have different views when it comes to the One Direction boys, and that they ship them with whoever they want. You can ship Larry, you can ship Ziam, you can ship Ziall, you can ship any of the boys together, that’s fine by me, I don’t mind it especially since I’m in an RPG where Larry is actually married and they are the best relationship that RPG has ever seen. But then you have people who don’t ship the boys with one another but with their respective girlfriends, or with any other girl for that matter. 

I’ve come across so many RPGs where they are all married to one another, where they all have children - even when married to one another - and yes, I am talking about the boys here, but I have never come across an RPG where the boys are not dating one another. If I go in the tag now, I’m positive to find at least five rpgs where they’re dating each other or at least two of the boys are interested in one another, and I am completely fine with that. You can ship whoever you want, that’s fine with me. I’ll never bash you for it, ever.

But what really crossed the line here is that you didn’t just bash my rpg but you bashed ME. Allow me to tell you a little something about me, anon. You call me a racist, however, I’m actually an American Indian, Cheyenne to be quite exact, the most hated race in the whole world. The race that got mistreated to the point of being put in a reserve and have an instant label on them. So don’t call anyone a racist just because they don’t have a POC in their RPG. 

Second of all, sexist? No, I’m not a sexist. This is the definition of sexists:

discriminatory on the basis of sex (usually said of men’s attitude toward women)

and last I checked, I am not a man discriminating a woman, or anyone else for that matter. 

Third of all, fangirl? No. You are being a fangirl about this, you are making it such a big deal that I made an RPG where the boys aren’t dating one another. I am not making this a big deal. Truth be told, I’m the last person to be a thirsty fangirl


A female who has overstepped the line between healthy fandom and indecent obsession
I’m far from being obsessed. Just because I like the boys with their respective girlfriends and not with one another doesn’t mean that I’ve overstepped the line between healthy fandom and indecent obsession. The sheer fact that you keep pressuring it, means that you have done so.
And to conclude this, I’ve actually played homosexual characters, and I’ve even tried playing it where I shipped the boys with one another and I, personally, couldn’t do it. 
I think it’s time people accept the fact that there are two sides to this fandom and that it’s literally ripping this fandom apart, but I always thought that, when I would join this fandom, that different views of the boys didn’t matter. That sexuality didn’t matter and that we liked them for their music, for who they were not for who you ship them with.
And RPG is about making friends, about creating a long lasting friendship, about escaping, but so many people make it out to be worse than high school.
I’ve said my fair share, I’m done. Over and out. Next time you have something to say about how I run my RPG, do it off anon.

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Kendall jenner and harry styles enjoy a romantic dance at coachella music and arts festival

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"do you prefer bios or skeletons??",

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bios, definitely! it’s easier for me to get a feel of the character and it’s better for the admin(s) as it helps rpers play the character like how the admin(s) imagined it. i have nothing against skeleton rps, i just like bios a teensy bit more!

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"Have you ever just wanted to get away? Leave everything behind and disappear to a country where no one will find you? Camp Getaway offers you that chance! Welcome to Phi Phi Islands, enjoy your stay! Hey lovely! We’re a new, appless camp/island rp, a 12x12 one at that, based around character development and just overall fun. I was wondering if we could have a shoutout, please? Since our tags aren’t even remotely working yet. Thank you!",

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